Wedding Invites via CostCo

Let’s face it. We ALL trust CostCo.

If something is suddenly available at CostCo, you automatically assume you’re getting a great deal. Forget trying to calculate price per ounce; you always trust that CostCo’s got your back. Well thrifty CostCo trusters, they have added new greeting card options to the photo center! I recently printed invites for my niece’s first birthday with them and was pretty pleased with the results. I thought the paper was a little thin, but for the price, and time it saves you from cutting thick paper yourself, it’s a pretty good deal.

My niece's party invite in final form (at the CostCo counter).

My niece’s party invite in final form (at the CostCo counter).

So today, as I was checking my email, amidst all of the junk, I saw this lovely little headline: “NEW 2014 Grad + Wedding Stationary.” Since I’m looking out for all of my bff brides, I click on it to check it out. (Like CostCo, PartyBFF has your back!)

They offer Save the Dates, bridal shower invites, engagement/wedding announcements and of course, thank you cards. My personal favorite is the “upload your own design,” which can be nice if you want to purchase a digital design on Etsy or from a talented friend (like the sample above). Like many of us who’ve attempted the DIY route, cutting paper gets old FAST! I once lost feeling in my thumb for a few days due to nerve damage from too much cutting. Doc’s instructions, “stop cutting and get better scissors!”

Not only can you save yourself the cutting time, but with the new designs you can also pick from some of their lovely options and save yourself the design time. Here are some of the designs that caught my eye:

Bridal Shower Floral Wreath

Bridal Shower Floral Wreath

Forever Chevron

Forever Chevron

Glitter Engagement

Glitter Engagement

Wedding Filigree

Wedding Filigree

They often partner with other paper goods stores, so check back often! Keep in mind they offer designs for all types of occasions, including birthday and birth announcements, and of course the “upload your own” is always a great option. They cost $17.25 for one set of 25 and come with pretty good quality envelopes in white. I’ve tried both VistaPrint and color printing and cutting myself before, which are pretty good options, this one is just easier. VistaPrint also does not offer rounded edges and CostCo does (that was the major bonus for me!).

One bummer is that there really isn’t much wiggle room with the shipping/processing time (approx 3-4 business days). So you do need to plan ahead.

I’m thinking a follow up post with ideas on how to jazz plain cards up a bit. Maybe attach the to fun backings or side punches? Ohhh let the wheels start spinning!






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