Cinco De Mayo – A Formula for a True Mexican Celebration


This weekend will be raging with mustaches, sombreros and tequila. Yes this American holiday created to stereotype Mexican culture is one of my favorites. (When I think about it though… The Mexican men in my family mostly do all have mustaches, and we DO love tequila. So I guess we’re just off with the sombreros!? I digress!)

As a Mexican-American, I consider myself an expert here and am giving you the formula for a true and special Mexican celebration. Here you go!

1. Family must be present – If you’re having a Cinco de Mayo party and there’s no family around, you’re not embracing true Mexican spirit. And keep in mind, family doesn’t only mean “relatives.” Invite everyone you love and if they bring friends, that’s fine – We’re all family! We welcome strangers and gringos with open arms. We love hosting people and celebrating, and if we run out of drinks or food, don’t worry we’ll send your primo out to get more.

2. Food – Chips and salsa do not count. Ask any of the white boys who’ve dated the “Flores girls,” you don’t enter a Mexican household and not eat a real meal!

3. Drinks – A “frozen margarita machine” is fun, but that’s more Senor Frog’s on the beach, than it is Mexicano. Tequila, coke, sprite, lemonade, water, Corona and Dos Equis! Don’t forget the limes.

4. Music & Dancing – Yes, there’s no party without dancing; you don’t have to stick with the stereotypical mariachi album. Those are definitely fun, but mix in some Juanes, Gypsy Kings and Sonora Dynamita and you’ve got yourself a baile on the horizon.

5. That stick up your butt, leave it at the door – My theory on why this stereotypical holiday has come about, is because Mexicans are FUN and people want to partake in our joyous celebrations (have you ever been to a quincenera or a bautizo??). The reason we’re fun, is because we aren’t all only about the decorations and the food. We focus on everyone having a good time. Dad walks around with a tequila bottle and your boyfriend’s cousin who came along, is dancing with your grandma before you know it. So if you’re going to celebrate the Mexican way, you’re going to forget about what everyone thinks and you’re going to have a good time.

My Tio (uncle) Martin once said, “Come and enjoy us!” instead of “come and join us” and we’ve fully adopted the playful phrase . It’s the truth. When you’re at a Mexican celebration, you’re there to enjoy yourself and all those there celebrating with you.

There you go… it’s as simple as that!

Happy Cinco de Mayo my friends. Party hard and be safe.


Flores girls on Cinco de Mayo, 2013