My Cup Runneth Over

My Cup Runneth Over

I absolutely LOVE the movie “Hope Floats” with Sandra Bullock (playing Birdee) and Harry Connick Jr (as Justin Matisse). The first time my sister and I watched it, we got angry. “What the HECK!? How much more can go wrong for this girl!?” But in the end she pulls through and she walks off into happily ever after with cowboy version of HCJ. Birdee’s mother, Ramona (played by Gena Rowlands), is an absolute rock throughout all of Birdee’s trials. There’s one scene where she’s having a special moment with her granddaughter, Bernice, and says, “My Cup Runneth Over.” Later at the end, sweet Bernice, who’d gone through everything alongside her mama, also says reflects on how absolutely loved she feels with the same phrase. I was lucky enough to catch this flick last night and the line stuck with me.

I’d like to think I walk around constantly throwing confetti and making everyone’s day better, but sometimes even pink-loving PartyBFF feels blue. I’m a pretty bubbly girl. We all know this, and it didn’t take long for my pals to notice that I’d gone flat. Work is stressful and growing old isn’t fun, but all it takes sometimes is a sweet treat from a friend and a good conversation with your hubby to pick you back up to glitter-tossing status. A series of events brought the pep back into my step. One of my pals stopped by work with an early birthday gift and a sweet treat. I came home to one of the SWEETEST cards from another friend. I was overwhelmed with love from family and friends this morning and only have more to look forward to with all of the sweet surprises my husband has planned for this weekend.

My cup does runneth over and I’m so lucky to have everyone remind me so. Birthdays or any celebration remind us of how lucky we are to have what we do. From my girls who know exactly which sweet treat picks me up, to my in-laws who don’t let thousands of miles stop them from showing their love, to my family who is constantly on the run with me making me laugh (my grandpa actually interrupted my writing with his fabulous opera rendition of “Happy Birthday!”). I am a lucky girl.

Life is a celebration. Sometimes it’s the prep. Sometimes it’s the cleanup, and sometimes someone we dislike crashes the party. But you have to simply grab a cocktail, clink to a toast and celebrate the wonderful things you have.