I’m Vanessa and I love to party, err throw parties!

Since I can remember, I’ve loved throwing parties. Ask my sisters about how they were FORCED to attend my tea parties growing up. They’d groan anytime there was leftover birthday cake, because you could bet your a$$, there’d be a celebration for one of my stuffed animals the next day!

From my butterfly-themed quincenera, to my American Gladiator arena 25th birthday and even my nautically-themed wedding on the pacific coast,  the soirees have never stopped.  Though they may have groaned at my leftover cake and water tea parties, my family LOVES to celebrate. Thanks to them, I truly believe that life is one big party (sometimes it’s setup, sometimes it’s toasting and sometimes it’s cleanup!) and there’s no reason not to relish in every occasion that we want to celebrate.  Through Party BFF I hope to share my fun adventures in all things DIY-ing, hosting and celebrating. Join me on this double decker party bus (sans the stripper pole please) as we plan, laugh, and craft our way through all of life’s joyous  moments!

Read more about why I started Party BFF.




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