Why Party BFF?

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My life is a daily struggle between the profession that inspires me as a business woman (and Angeleno who likes sassy shoes on her feet and roof over her head) and the passion I have for making things pretty, especially things at social gatherings!

“You should do this for a living Vanessa!” people tell me when I arrive at a party with my box of DIY’d items or send out the latest invite I helped design. Truth is, I would LOVE to do this for a living. If I could stay home with paper, circle punches, glitter, glue guns and ribbon all day long, I’d be one HAPPY lady. But often, my response to the aforementioned compliment is, “do you know how many of these invitations I’d have to sell in one month to be able to pay my rent?”

Not to knock the wonderfully successful makers and party planners out there (I secretly yearn to be them – or a house flipper one day!) I’m just not in the place the give up a great career in TechPR just yet. BUT I do need to share this passion with all of you.

Whether it’s with a grand soiree, a walk for coffee  or even just a high five and a hug, every moment is something to celebrate. Hands down, I’m always there to help any friend with an upcoming event. From a bestie in a bridal shower planning crunch, to friends of friends who somehow got stuck with “making the name badges” for an upcoming high school reunion, and of course to my own familia who can never keep me from completely taking over any family function, I NEVER shy away from helping someone with a party.  That’s where you come in. Everyone who actively reads or happens to come across this blog is a friend who I will help with a party! (It will most likely be my friends and family who are supporting me with insurmountable love anyway 😉

A while back, I started a Facebook page called WeddingBFF that served as a place to share my thoughts for another passion, all things wedding. But as I move further and further away from the “newlywed” title (don’t remind me! I still haven’t even dry cleaned my dress – EEK!) my interests are encompassing more than just that one beautiful day of flowers and tulle. Don’t get me wrong, if I could plan a wedding every year ala Heidi and Seal, (that split still breaks my heart!) I would, but I’m also now reveling in helping with baby showers, 1-year-old birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, promotions and the little daily things things that deserve recognition. Life really is beautiful and every achievement deserves some confetti tossing (real or symbolic!).

Alas, Party BFF is born. A place to learn about the things I’ve made or put together for my friends’ and family, good ideas that I come across, steals and deals you can’t miss out on and even general thoughts with my very humble opinion on questions that you pose for your parties and weddings.

I hope I don’t let you down!!